25 years

High-quality Garment Production



The highest quality standards, from receipt of material, development of patterns, make and finishing up of garments, right to dispatch of the final products, are the pillars of our company.

Our team works relentlessly with the aim to assure the fulfillment of all our customers requirements, both regarding quality as well as delivery dates.

We have established a total partnership focused on achieving the most successful business relationship.



All Têxteis Lda was founded in 1994 and is located in Santo Tirso, about 20 km away from Oporto, in the north of Portugal.

Having started mainly as a sportswear company it soon broadened the choice of make up proposals and materials that offered to its customers, exporting 99% of its production.

Its main markets are Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany.

Our company has steadily increased the range of products, styles and materials which offers, supported by a wide base of suppliers nationally and abroad, what allows a fast and qualified response to the customers’ requests.

Besides the wide range of materials, it works all kinds of appliqués and embellishments (such as sequins, embroideries, placement prints) as well as all kinds of transfers and hand beading. It also develops all kinds of labels and accessories.